Front Controller Module

General description

The INTELLEC8 /MOD8 Control Console is designed to provide a user of the INTELLEC 8/MOD 8 microcomputer development system with an easy to use means of monitoring and controlling machine operation, manually moving data to or from memory or input/output devices, and running or debugging programs. Since the INTELLEC8 /MOD8 System is specifically designed for microcomputer systems development, the Control Console has several features which are not usually found on „traditional” computer control consoles, e.g., extensive status displays and special debugging aids.

Control Console on two levels: first, on a general functional level; second, on a more detailed theory of operation level.
Since the INTELLEC 8/MOD 8 Control Console has been designed to support the imm8-82 Central Processor card, many of its operations cannot be described without referring to the operation of that card.


The operations performed by the Control Console can be divided into seven groups, as follows:
1. Data display operations, including:
Memory Data display operations, in which the contents of a selected memory location are displayed;
I/O Data display operations, in which data used for an input or output operation is displayed;
Status display operations, which display indications of the operating mode of the Central Processor;
Cycle display operations, which provide a continuous display of the 8008 machine cycle.
2. Manual Memory Access operations, in which data is read from or written into a selected memory location from the Control Console rather than the Central Processor.
3. Manual I/O Access operations, in which an input or output operation is performed from the Control Console rather than from the Central Processor.
4. Interrupt operations, in which an interrupt cycle is initiated from the Control Console by the user.
5. Processor Control operations, which allow the user to directly control the operation of the Central Processor.
6. Sense operations, which allow the user to manually enter data during a programmed input operations.
7. Search/Wait operations, which allow a selected instruction to be executed a given number of times, after which the Central Processor enters a WAIT mode.

Electronics diagram


The INTELLEC8 /MOD8 is made up of separate units, each of which performs a different task in making up a complete system.