PROM Programmer Card

General description

The imm8-76 PROM Programmer Module is an optional addition to the INTELLEC 8/MOD 8 system. When used in conjunction with the INTELLEC8 /MOD8 System Monitor, the Programmer Module permits rapid, automatic loading of Intel 1602A and 1702A Programmable Read Only Memories.

Unfortunately, I don’t have this module in my Intel Intellec8 /MOD8 System.

The program to be transferred to a PROM is first stored in the INTELLEC’s program RAM memory. The PROM to be programmed is erased, if necessary, and inserted in the programming socket on the Control and Display Panel. The PRGM PROM PWR switch is. turned on, and the console operator types a 'P’ followed by parameters which indicate the first and the last RAM addresses to be transferred, as well as the starting address in the PROM.
The software does the rest. It transfers the eight bits of the PROM address to output port cpA. It sets up the data to be written into the PROM, at output port cpB (in Hex).
It pulses the power supply the required number of times, at the required duty cycle. And it checks the results of its programming by reading the PROM’s output through input port 2. If improper programming is indicated, the System Monitor prints an exception notice at the teletype console.
This programming cycle is repeated at each of the memory locations bracketed by the initial and the terminal parameters. Complete programming involves the loading of 256 individual locations, a process which requires approximately 2 minutes. The procedure is described fully in the INTELLEC 8/MOD 8 Operator’s Manual.
The imm8-76 is designed for plug·in installation in the INTELLEC 8/MOD 8 mainframe. It makes use of existing connectors and other provisions. No special installation is necessary.


Both the 1602A and the 1702A are programmed by the momentary application of high amplitude pulses on selected pins of the chip. But the 1702A is cleared by a controlled exposure to high intensity ultraviolet. The 1702A may be reloaded as often as desired, making it suitable for use in program development.
Programming of the 1602A or the 1702A requires a carefully controlled sequence of operations. The safety of the ch ip demands that both the interelement voltages and the duty cycle of the programming pulses be maintained within specific limits. This insures against breakdown and overheating. On the other hand, insufficient power levels will lead to programming failures. An accurate balance is necessary. The PROM Programmer Module is designed to provide pulses of the correct level and duration, automatically.
The imm8·76 is designed to program both the earl ier and the later versions, but the util ity program contained in the INTELLEC S/MOD 8 System Monitor is not set up for the programming of 1602 and 1702 PROMs. As a result, any attempt to load 1602 or 1702 memories with the INTELLEC8 /MOD8 System Monitor will damage the PROM. Such programming is possible, with the proper precautions, but you will have to provide your own software functions. Refer to the INTEL MEMORY DESIGN HAND BOOK for instructions, if you plan to use the imm8-76 for this purpose.

Electronics diagram


The INTELLEC8 /MOD8 is made up of separate units, each of which performs a different task in making up a complete system.