Welcome to my technological realm, where computer history and precision engineering go hand in hand. For over two decades, I’ve delved into the world of vintage circuits, with a particular focus on INTEL development systems and microprocessors from the early ’70s.

Yet, my collection isn’t limited to these. I also gather calculators, computer controllers, and machines from that era. While some might see them as outdated hardware, to me, they’re technological gems. Often, they come to me damaged or incomplete. I painstakingly restore them, ensuring they align as closely as possible with their original designs from that period.

Years of technical experience have also allowed me to innovate. My last project is the MC404 System, built around the 4-bit MCS-4 processor series from INTEL. It’s not just a calculator with an 8-character LED display; it’s a veritable time machine to an era when computers were starting to reshape our world (Click here to learn more about the MC404 System).

Every machine I’ve restored tells a story – about the people who crafted it, the challenges of its time, and humanity’s unyielding drive to push technological boundaries. If you wish to uncover these tales, if the technology from that period piques your curiosity, I invite you on a deep dive into technology history, guided by someone who knows it quite well.