General description

The ICE-86 emulator provides in-circuit emulation for 8086 microprocessor-based systems. The ICE-86 module consists of three circuit boards which reside in the Intellec Microcomputer Development System. A cable and buffer box connect the Intellec to the user system by replacing the user’s 8086. In this manner the Intellec debug functions are extended into the user system. Using the ICE-86 module, the designer can execute prototype software in continuous or single-step mode and can substitute Intellec equivalents for user devices, such as memory.

The 8086 CPU can be used with the 8087 NDP (Numeric Data Processor) and/or with the 8089 lOP (Input/Output Processor). The 8087 NDP is capable of expanding the 8086 CPU’s arithmetic abilities to include floating point calculations. The ICE-86A emulator provides extended capabilities to allow debugging of systems using the 8086 CPU with the 8087 NDP.

Coprocessor debugging is aided by the following ICE-86A features:

  • Three real number types for memory content references
  • Four external buffer box signals to aid in coordinating the user system with the ICE-86A emulator
  • RQGT and BUS commands for the operation of the 8086 RQGT lines
  • DASM and DEFINE DASM commands for disassembling 8087 instructions
  • Emulation timer for optimizing coprocessor code The 8089 lOP allows for more efficient handling of processor

The 8089 Real-Time Breakpoint Facility (RBF-89) is a software superset of the ICE-86 emulator Version 1.2, a previous 8086 emulator. RBF~89 includes most of the ICE-86A features plus the following features that aid in designing systems based on an 8086 CPU used with an 8089 IOP:

  • Commands to initialize the 8089 IOP
  • Commands to control program execution on the 8089 IOP
  • Commands to disassemble 8089 instructions

RBF-89 software runs on ICE-86 or ICE-86A hardware but does not include the following ICE-86A features:

  • External buffer bus signals are not available.
  • ENABLE/DISABLE SYMBOLICALLY commands are not available.
  • DASM and DEFINE DASM for disassembling 8087 instructions commands are not available.
  • ENABLE/DISABLE EXPANSION commands are not available.
  • The SELECTING modifier for the LOAD command is not available.
  • The one-byte CAUSE register is returned rather than the string associated with various conditions.
  • The three real number types (REAL, DREAL, and TREAL) are not available.