with iSBX-331

General description

The Intel® iSBC 80/24 Single Board Computer is a member of Intel’s complete line of OEM microcomputer systems which take full advantage of Intel’s LSI technology to provide economical, self-contained computer-based solutions for OEM applications. The iSBC 80/24 board is a complete computer system on a single 6.75 x 12.00-inch printed circuit card. The CPU, system clock, iSBX bus interface, readlwrite memory, read only memory sockets, 1/0 ports and drivers, serial communications interface, priority interrupt logic, and programmable timers all reside on the board. Full MULTIBUS interface logic is included to offer compatibility with the Intel OEM Microcomputer Systems family of Single Board Computers, expansion memory options, digital and analog 1/0 expansion boards, and peripheral and communications controllers.

iSBC-80-24 board features:

  • Upward compatible with iSBC 80/20-4 Single Board Computer
  • 8085A-2 CPU operating at 4_8 or 2.4 MHz Ii Two iSBX™ bus connectors for iSBX MULTIMODULE™ board expansion
  • 4K bytes of static read/write memory expandable on-board to 8K bytes using the iSBC 301 MULTIMODULE Board
  • Sockets for up to 32K bytes of read only memory
  • 48 programmable parallel 1/0 lines with sockets for interchangeable line drivers and terminators
  • Programmable synchronous/asynchronous RS232C compatible serial interface with software selectable baud rates
  • Full MULTIBUS® control logic for multi master configurations and system expansion
  • Two programmable 16-bit BCDor binary timers/event counters .
  • 12 levels of programmable interrupt control
  •  Auxiliary power bus, memory protect, and power-fail interrupt control logic provided for battery backup RAM requirements

Electronics diagrams

iSBX 331 Fixed/Floating Point Math Multimodule Board

The iSBX 331 Fixed/Floating Point Math Multimodule Board is a member ofIntel’s growing line of expansion boards designed to augment the iSBC microcomputers. In performing high-speed mathematic functions, the iSBX 331 Math Multimodule Board (hereafter referred to as the Multimodule board) accepts data and commands from an iSBC
microprocessor and performs a repertoire of 43 floating point and fixed point commands an order of magnitude faster than is possible through conventional programming routines.

The board contains an 8231 Arithmetic Processing Unit (APU) that provides high performance single or double precision floating or fixed point arithmetic operations.

Some of the distinctive characteristics of the APU are:

  • Fixed point 16 and 32 bits operation.
  • Floating point 32 bit operation.
  • 18 programmable data manipulation commands.
  • Square root, Logarithm and Exponentiation functions.
  • Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide functions.
  • 4 MHz on-board clock generator.
  • Trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions.
  • Stack oriented operand storage.
  • Programmed data transfer mode.
  • Floating to fixed or fixed to floating conversions.
  • Binary data formats (Input and Output).
  • End of operation signal.
  • +12 volt and +5 volt power requirement.
  • Software Reset capability.