The Intel Development Computers, such as the Intel Intelec, MDS, and System 3xx, were essential tools for early microprocessor development and helped pave the way for the computing advancements we enjoy today.
    • Intel Intellec 8 it was a microcomputer development system aimed at aiding software and hardware development. The Intelec provided a controlled environment for testing and debugging software and hardware for Intel’s microprocessors.


    • Intel MDS this acronym usually refers to the Intel Intelec Microcomputer Development System. It was a comprehensive system for developing and testing microprocessor-based applications. MDS facilitated software debugging, system testing, and application development for a range of Intel microprocessors.


    • Intel SYP-310 System is a versatile, stand-alone microcomputer system, designed to provide low-cost 16-bit computing power and Open System versatility for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications. It offers a selection of operating systems, processors, and mass storage devices.


Introduced in the late 1970s, the Intel Prompt was a versatile microcomputer development system. It enabled software and hardware developers to create, test, and optimize applications for microprocessor-based systems.
    • Intel Prompt 48 is a tool to aid you in learning MCS-48 programming and in writing, debugging, and testing the programs you write. There is enough information here to get you started, whether or not you have ever written a program before.
    • Intel Prompt 80/85 is micromputer design aid simplifies microcomputing, allowing user to enter, run, debug, and save machine language programs with calculator-like ease. Complete, low cost fully-assembled microcomputer design aid and EPROM programmer.


In the 1970s, Intel provided development kits for programming on microprocessors like the Intel 8080 and 8085. A typical system included a development board with a microprocessor socket, RAM, ROM, clock circuit, and I/O interfaces.
    • Intel SDK-80 (The 8080 System Design Kit) is a complete, single board, microcomputer system in kit form. It contains all necessary components, including resistors, caps, crystal and miscellaneous hardware to complete construction. Included is a pre-programmed ROM that contains the system monitor for general software utilities and system diagnostics.